Aya Kakeda and Nina Frenkel:

We are two illustrators who live and work in New York City.
While meeting for a craft date with some friends, we discovered that we had both spent time in Hungary and shared an interest in Hungarian art and culture. It soon became clear that we wanted to enter the upcoming Mustache Contest sponsored by the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York.
With the help of our friend Rachel Cole, we brainstormed several hand-made mustache ideas until we realized that ours must be large and wearable for two people. And thus began our collaboration. To us, "Mustache Sisters" is a celebration of collaborative creativity, frienship and fun.

On Collaboration:

At each juncture of the creation of this mustache, we would had discuss: What’s next? How will we solve the problem of our heads having to show?  How will we make the mustache curve up and hold its form? And where will our arms go? There were so many more steps and problems to solve than we expected, but at each craft session, we could find solutions and plow forward.  This part of the process felt like realizing a dream we both had, and it required both letting go and coming together to make something bigger and beyond anything either of us would have made solo.

We see this mustache as a perfect metaphor for collaboration --- we both had to find our way in the preocess, both contributing our skill and vision---and we were in it together!

Extended Family:

We have am extended family of collaborators, that (we hope) will continue to grow.
Marie Losier, filmmaker and sister, worked with Aya on the film "Mustache in Your Eye" (2009) for the FIAF Crossing the Line Festival.